Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Wheels!

Leon and Scarlett can now both ride two wheeler bikes without training wheels!  We taught Scarlett about a month ago and she was pretty resistant.  She liked using the training wheels but she was really getting too big for her bike and I thought she was old enough to take the plunge.  We made her learn without the training wheels.  She did get the hang of it pretty quickly but for a couple weeks after she knew how to ride the bike she still kept trying to ride her training wheels bike.  I think she just thought it was easier.

Leon on the other hand was a whole different story.  The kids called me into the backyard randomly the other day telling me that Leon could ride a bike.  I stepped out and sure enough Leon was riding a two wheeler around the yard.  Tucker was helping him get started and off he went.  I was pretty surprised and I told them to stop so Bob could "teach" him how to ride a bike.  A couple days later when we had time we went out for Bob to teach Leon how to ride.  Bob didn't know about the earlier rides so he was pretty surprised when Leon got it just fine after Bob holding the back for about a second.

Since that first day Leon has been wanting to ride every day.  Even on that very first day he learned to start all by himself, a skill which has been difficult for my other children.  And on the next day he showed me that he could stand up and ride.  I really think he is probably better than both the girls.  He really took to riding the bike!

Bob stayed home with Calista the other day and I went on a bike ride with the kids.  It was pretty cool just watching all of them ride.  Scarlett seemed to get tired really fast though, I think she needs a bigger bike.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tucker Video

Tuckers video of the last year.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ueland Tree Farm Hike

We found another local waterfall hike.  I have to say this hike did not go as planned.  When we first got out of the car we realized we left the backpack with the lunches at home.  I wasn't too concerned because this hike was only a couple of miles long and I figured we would be done around lunch time anyway, but the news of no lunches on the hike was hard for the kids.  Scarlett took it especially hard.

Our other main problem was that we didn't know where to go.  When we first arrived people we walking on a dirt road straight ahead so we assumed that was the hike and walked that direction.  After a while we cut back into the woods.  We spent a good amount of time looking for the waterfall, and after we were done we talked to someone and found out we weren't really on the hike for most of the time.  These pictures are of when we were in the woods looking for the waterfall.
When we got there the hike takes you to the top of the waterfall.  You can't see it unless you climb down about 20 feet.  There was even a rope to help you repel.  I wasn't so sure we could do it but Bob was all for it.  He took everyone down and back up except Me and Tucker.  I think we counted and Bob went up and down 8 times.
It was scary for some of the kids.  Leon was especially scared, but all the kids did it!  Once you get down you pretty much just see the waterfall and then you need to climb back up.

The waterfall was pretty and definitly bigger than the last couple we saw.  We were also the only ones around so that was kind of cool.
Once we were all back up the kids had lots of fun climbing and just playing around the water and fallen trees.  I think we spent about a half an hour walking on this hike and about an hour playing/climbing in this area.
We might come try this hike again now that I've talked to some people on which way to go.  Once we got home we found the backpack with the lunches and had a picnic on the trampoline.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

This outfit was pretty comfy and perfect because the weather is starting to warm up.

The most clicked on link was by...

Friday, July 14, 2017


We let the kids sleep in the family room the night we painted their rooms because of the smell.  They thought it was pretty cool and because I was up before them I snapped some pictures.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Green Mountain Hike

We've been on a roll with hiking lately.  It is just such a good outdoor activity that we are trying to go on as many as possible.  The green mountain hike is one of our favorites that we make sure to do at least once every summer.  This year my parents came along.

We did have one hiccup.  When we got to this spot we split up.  The kids wanted to climb up and I thought they were just skipping a switchback and we would catch them in about 30 seconds.  But no. It took them on a completely different path straight to the top.  They missed about half mile to a mile of the hike.  Luckily Bob went with them so they weren't alone.  I didn't like that we were separated though.
After they were at the top for a while and realized that we weren't coming they came back down and met us at this little bench.

The view from the top is great!  IT was a little too cloudy for us to see Seattle this time.
Our lunch wasn't as big as we would have liked.  We were out of a few things at home and didn't have time to run to the store before the hike.  My parents were nice enough to share with us.  I didn't get a picture of it but the kids had a lot of fun feeding their cracker crumbs to the birds.
On the way back down I asked each of the kids to find a spot they wanted me to take their picture.  Here is Leon's.
Penelope's (I think she liked that little stump.)
And Tucker's.
They really cut down a lot of trees for a small portion of the hike.  On the way up I didn't love walking the path where all the trees were cut.  But on the way back down we had a great view that we wouldn't otherwise have had.
This hike was really a great level for our kids this year.  I think it was a little over 5 miles half going up the mountain and half going back down.  The kids were getting tired but not so bad that they complained a bunch.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Update

I love summertime!!  Having the kids home all day when the weather is nice is great.  My kids spend a lot of time out in the backyard so we are all happier when the sun shines.

We also do well with a sort of schedule so every morning the kids now have an additional chore they need to do on top of their usual wake up to-do list, which includes the basics like getting dressed and brushing teeth.  Once our morning stuff is done we spend some time doing a mini school.  It usually involves me reading stories to them, practicing our weekly etiquette lesson, and then their handwriting practice.  Its been fun!

Lots of days we have things to do when that is over, like dollar movies, park play date, or my visiting teaching.  We've been busy so far and I think everyone is enjoying themselves.  Here are some random pictures.   

The first is Leon washing the bathroom mirrors.  I thought it was cute how I just walked upstairs and saw him in the sink cleaning.  I'd love to just be surprised by my kids cleaning more often.

One day it was so hot we had to go out to eat for dinner.  We don't have air conditioning and I even had Bob call the restaurant to make sure they have it before we drove over.
The kids haven't been watching very much tv at all.  But one day Bob and I spent almost the entire day cleaning the garage and they got to watch lots of tv.  The deal was as long as they were taking turns holding Calista they got to watch.  Calista is in her bouncer in this picture, but they were holding here most of the time.
We went to a splash pad with friends.
Tucker moved up to Webelos.
No explanation needed for this next one.
I've watched a few puppet shows.
And Calista has been sucking her pretty thumb regularly.  It is so cute!